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Top 7 Fun Things To Do At Night on Your First Trip To Miami

Miami is well-known for its entertainment options. So, if you are looking for a dynamic, spirited, and vivacious nightlife, Miami is just the place. The city has plenty of attractions to keep you busy during day time, and again plenty to keep you hooked throughout the night.

Here we have listed the top 7 fun things you can do at night in Miami. Yes, there are many fully nude strip club near Miami, but that’s not the only entertainment that the city offers at night. So, let’s see what all Miami has in store for its tourists…

Top 7 things to do in Miami at night

  • Miami Bus Night Tour – This is a specially designed Bus tour which introduces you to all the hot spots of Miami after sunset. The 90-minute ride is exactly what you need to discover all the landmarks of the city, and admire them when they are beautifully illuminated.
  • Late-night movies – As soon as the sunsets in Miami, the locals meet at their favored joints, and the movie theaters are just one of them. If you are one of them too, be rest assured you will get plenty of options for watching late-night movies.
  • Salsa and More – If Latin music and dance is your thing, then the Salsa and Bachata tour is perfect for you. The tour starts with a ride from South Beach’s Iconic Ocean Drive. Next, you get to party all night where you get real Salsa and Bachata classes. Also, cabaret-style shows, and a bar with your favorite drink are a part of the tour.
  • Pub Crawl – Most of the Pub Crawling tours cover 3 leading bars and nightclubs of the city. So, skip some lines and enjoy free live music and unlimited drink just by enrolling in one.
  • Dance Cruise – If you always wanted to dance with water, dance cruises will impress you way beyond your imagination. The tour is 1 hour long, and throughout that time you will be gliding through the Biscayne Bay, and dancing on the latest hits.

  • Ice Bar – Located right in the heart of Collins Avenue, Ice bar is the place for someone looking for a night-long entertainment, fun and drinks. So, get ready to experience and enjoy winters behind the closed doors of a hotel.
  • Gentlemen’s Club – Last, but not least. Miami has many strip clubs, and if you have never visited one, this is the best time to start. After all, what happens in Miami, stays in Miami.

Well, there is much more to do in this beautiful and welcoming city. The list is longer than you can anticipate, and thus during your first trip, just try to cover everything listed above.

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