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Neon Lights For Party Fun

You can really set the party atmosphere with a few sets of neon lights and neon lights themed party goods scattered around the party area. They work super well for Halloween, New Years, and Glow sticks parties, where it’s going to be somewhat dark in the first place. Of course you can have neon lights set up at any party.

Neon lights themed party goods are such items as plates, cups and napkins that have intensely chromatic light patterns printed against a black background. The light patterns on these paper goods will glow nicely under black light too. Most paper goods with the neon lights patterns are geared towards New Years, but you can find some paper goods without any phrasing referring to a specific holiday.

Accent your neon lights pattern with a Casino night’s scene setter. These scene setters are made of vinyl and can be unrolled and hung on the wall just like you would with wall paper, except the scene setters hang with sticky tack.

Add real lights to the mix to finish off your decoration. Any sort of party light will serve as a neon light. There are small magnet lights filled with LEDs that will stick to any metal and flash away merrily. You can pick up a couple dozen light sticks to hand out as party favors and the guests will go wild on the dance floor by shaking them around and trying to write stuff in the air with the glow from them. There are many kinds of light sticks to give out to guests too. You can get bracelets, necklaces, and pendants as party favors.

String lights can be hung up around the party area to create a fun neon lights effect. There are sets of shamrock shaped lights, cactus shaped lights, fiesta lights and even seventies disco lights available.

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