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First Timers – Be Prepared To Make Your Balloon Ride Enjoyable With These Essential Tips

The idea of having a balloon ride is superb and to get a unique experience of travelling freely in the sky, incredible scenery, full of sunshine and capturing all the moments forever. But if you are first-time riders, you should be trip ready. Here are a few tips that will help your breathtaking ride unforgettable and mesmerising.

Basket sizes

The basket has an occupancy of around 10-12 passengers including the pilot provided the total weight limit does not exist. Hence If you are in a group then you need to worry to mingle with the strangers or else be prepared to have them with the ride.

Scheduling the trip

If you have planned for the trip for a special occasion, schedule the trip and confirm your bookings in advance. The Vegas hot air balloon rides have bookings throughout the year. Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides, with over 20 years of experience has various packages to offer depending on the season and rush-hours. They have the facility to re-schedule if the weather does not permit for the ride.


The pricing for the balloon ride starts from $145. The pricing may depend on the number of people – either you prefer public shared ride or want to opt for individual/couple/group rides. Besides the number of people, there are seasonal and time-based rides that might affect the prices as well.

Nature inconsistency

Though you may schedule your trip correctly and everything might be going on as per your plan. You might even have reached balloon launch place, but the climatic condition such as rain, wind or other unforeseen weather condition might re-schedule your trip or cancel it altogether.

Take-off times

The trip timings may juggle throughout the year, hence you need to wait patiently for the right timing. The waiting time will augment your priceless trip of hot balloon air.


Don’t worry, there is no dress code to follow. You need to dress in layers since the temperature may shoot up and down as you swing in the wind. The balloon’s open flames and burners might give summer effect even in winter.

Candid moment

Be ready with your sunglasses, camcorder to capture the enjoyable and intimate moments – the moments that you want to not forget. But see to it that your favourite equipment does not have freefall landing – keep it protected by adding a wrist strap or neck.


The landing position might not go as per the plans depending on the climate. You may be required to walk through fields or unpleasant place. Hence wear shoes which you can forego. You might be required to squat, lean or climb down the basket. Hence wearing comfortable pants will have proper landing of your butts.

Have cheers

End your super-duper flight with some hot sip or with theatrical drama of opening champagne to enjoy the last moment of the ride.

Thus, keep your happy ballooning ride fantastic, enjoyable and free from worries with basic things planned well. A to-do list and small call to your balloon rider is sufficient to collect the required information.

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