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Features to have in your video streaming app

It is hard to find any internet subsector where there is only one company completely dominating the market. The thing is, there is competition everywhere and as more entrants come in, the competition becomes even stiffer. The good thing with stiff competition is that companies are forced to be more creative to find ways to attract customers to use their services or products. Similarly, stiff competition also leads to lower prices, allowing consumers to enjoy high-quality services/products at very affordable prices. When consumers become accustomed to low prices and high-quality, they start having expectation from all products/services that companies make available to the public. If your company can’t match the current quality and/or price, then you have no option but to exit the market. This is very true, especially when it comes to online streaming services.

Consumers have expectation regarding the features a streaming service app must have and I will look at some of them in the remaining part of this article.

In-app purchases

According to statistics, most streaming services are accessed through mobile apps. Netflix for example had 38.4 subscribers accessing their platform through apps. As a consumer, can you imagine how much convenient it would be if your streaming service app also offer in-app purchases. That means that you don’t get locked out of your app and get forced to pay when your subscription runs out. Most services allow you to download their app for free and even use some of their functions without paying a penny. However, they then hide premium functionalities behind a paywall that requires you to subscribe to the premium service to access them. This gives consumers a choice to decide what they want to do by themselves.

Original contents

When you are choosing a streaming service for free movies to watch now, it is very important that you do some research into the kind of content they provide their consumers. With so many services out there, most streaming services usually try their level best to provide their consumers with the latest and original content. Besides, there should be a huge variety of content to select from. People have different tastes and being able to find content that matches your taste is very important because if you can’t find what you like watching why would you want to join the service anyway?

Recommendation engine

Something that every consumer appreciates is receiving useful and appropriate recommendations from the streaming service they use. Can you imagine using a service that analyzes your activities on their platform in terms of what kinds of movies you watch and brings you appropriate recommendation? Everyone would find this very useful and convenient. It simply saves you from a lot of hassle of having to browse through a ton of contents trying to find a movie to pass some time before you retire to bed. If there are thousands of contents it would take you more than half the time to just find something closely related to what you would consider watching. However, when there are recommendations available, you simply browse through content that you are already likely to like.

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