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3 Reasons to Watch DC’s Stargirl

DC’s Stargirl is a must-watch. It features captivating storylines and riveting performances. Check out this list of three reasons to watch DC’s Stargirl.

1. Features a Brave Heroine

In Stargirl, produced by Geoff Johns, Courtney Whitmore, played by Brec Bassinger, is a fearless heroine. As Stargirl, she takes on some of the most menacing figures in DC’s universe and does so with style and flair. Courtney is a very principled young lady; she does her best to see the good in people. She assumes a leadership role in the Justice Society of America, helping her fellow superheroes work together and bring out the best in each other. One will be drawn to Courtney’s optimistic attitude and desire to do what is right. All in all, viewers will enjoy Courtney’s physical toughness as well as her emotional softness.

2. Tackles Teen-Related Issues

The show addresses topics that are relevant to teenagers. Some of these topics including navigating a new school environment, dealing with bullies, sending sexts, coping with ostracization, trying to make friends, confronting abusive parents and guardians, and underaged drinking. The young people who watch this show will find characters they can relate to. For instance, adolescents who have moved to another town will be attracted to Courtney’s story. Those who are lonely, reserved, or socially awkward will gravitate towards Beth Chapel’s story. And those who live in tumultuous households or are struggling to stay in school will like Rick Tyler’s story. Teenage viewers will be inspired by the obstacles these characters have to overcome.

3. Showcases Thrilling Fight Scenes

People will enjoy the fight scenes that appear in the first season of the show. It is worth mentioning that there will be fight scenes in StarGirl Season Two. The show’s fight scenes are fast-paced and exciting. Many of them feature special effects. Stargirl‘s superheroes and villains have vastly different abilities, so the combat they engage in is not formulaic. There are scenes where villains (i.e., Sportsmaster and Tigress) use martial arts techniques and unique weapons. There are also scenes where a villain (i.e., Brainwave) utilizes telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Stargirl can employ light and stellar energy while fighting and her comrade, Hourman, can leap great distances and lift extremely heavy objects.

There are many reasons why one should invest their time and energy in the Stargirl series. It is a first-rate show that people from varying backgrounds will enjoy.

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